Living Room Model

One House IntitiativeThe Living Room Model offers an alternative to costly emergency room presentations for psychiatric assessment/intervention for those experiencing stressful and anxiety provoking situations and/or suicidal ideation. The Living Room would offer a calm and safe environment, during the evening hours which tends to be the peak time for crises presentation.  What makes this type of intervention unique is the involvement of Peer counselors with personal experience in managing the challenges of mental illness.

 2015 Update

This year the Zellmer Wellness Foundation continues it’s commitment to mental wellness through new and exciting projects throughout Illinois.  We will be working in DuPage County Illinois and we are in the process of developing a Living Room Model in a University setting.  Please check back with us to see our process.  Our new photo gallery will be coming soon.

2014 in Review

AID logo SMThe Zellmer Wellness Foundation provides the Living Room Model for established agencies for the purpose of evaluating individuals in crisis.

In the fall of 2014 the Zellmer Wellness Foundation proudly announced the first Living Room Model in Kane County.  With our Partner for Purpose, AID, an open house was held in August, 2014.  The Living Room was an exciting start of building mental wellness one room at a time.  The first Living Room is located on Highland Avenue, on the Mercy Hospital Campus in Aurora, Illinois.

The Living Room began serving people in early September 2014.  From concept, design, and  completion of the construction, the project was completed in 9 weeks.

Since the Open House in August of 2014, The Zellmer Wellness Foundation has received requests for the Living Room Models in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin and many other communities throughout the Western suburbs and Chicagoland.

The Zellmer Wellness Foundation partners with established, private not for profit and public agencies that provide mental health services for individuals and their families, to create unique therapeutic spaces, in calm and non-stigmatizing environments.